Criminal Justice & Law

Criminal Justice I and II             Instructors:  Sgt. Chavez/AM, Audrey Randle/PM

  • Learn skills for entry level police and legal work
  • Earn APCO and  CPR Certification
  • Learn about the criminal justice system, traffic control, criminology and forensic science
  • Participate in mock trials and perform community service

Length/Credits: 1 - 2 year program, 6 high school credits per year
Open to: Grades 11 and 12
Dual Credit: Vincennes University - 12 credits

Vincennes credit will be award for the following courses:

LAWE100 Survey of Criminal Justice 3 Credits
LAWE101 Basic Police Operations 3 Credits
LAWE145 Ethics & Professionalism in C.J. 3 Credits
LAWE160 Criminal Investigation 3 Credits


APCO              CPR