Culinary & Pastry Arts & Sciences


Culinary and Pastry Arts and Sciences I and II


Instructor: Derek Bodley
Length/Credits: 1 - 2 years, 6 high school credits per year 
Open to: Grades 11 and 12
Dual Credit: Vincennes University - 14 Credits

  • Learn skills for entry level culinary arts and hospitality positions
  • Earn industry standard ServSafe and Pro-Start National Certification of Achievement
  • Learn all areas of food preparation, sanitation, personal finance, inventory, nutrition, customer relations, and management
  • Work in a professional kitchen environment with industrial grade appliances
Vincennes credit will be awarded for the following courses:
CULN 110 Quantity Food Production 5 Credits
REST 100 Intro Hospitality Management 3 Credits
REST 120 Food Service Sanitation 3 Credits
REST 155 Quantity Food Purchasing 3 Credits